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A International Party is held at Roppongi with various kinds of people to enjoy delicious foods from around the world. The venue is close to the station, so anyone can easily join.
Here is the venue and food for the next event.

This stylish venue is also used for filming artists.

The party venue is a stylish venue just a 5 minute walk from Roppongi station.
It’s just a short walk from the station, so feel free to join us! It’s a beautiful venue that has been well received by word of mouth.
You can enjoy drinks, food, and conversation with a variety of people at this venue.

Italian style sauce and cheese go great together! So good!

The dish we will be serving is meat that has been seasoned and then starchy to lock in flavor and sweetness as well. When the cheese and sauce that go so well with it are matched, the taste of Italy fills your mouth!
It’s the kind of food that makes you feel so good your cheeks fall off!

Let’s enjoy conversation at a party with Italian food!

It’s as if you’re traveling through Italy, enjoying Italian food!
Now, for a limited time only, if you join with a friend in the “let you know Campaign”, one person can join for free.

Please come and try the Italian food that will make your mouth water with its “melt-in-your-mouth cheese”!

Come on!

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    Participants Age range Status of recruitment price
    Japanese men 25〜35 0/10 ¥3000
    Foreigner Male 25〜35 0/10 ¥2500
    Japanese women 25〜35 0/10 ¥1500
    Foreign women 25〜35 0/10 ¥1500